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Remembring DR Anju kumar(( feelings expressed by Suman))

Anju ❤️ Anything ending anything starting ..  anything new anything old  Any happy moment and every sad moments  Any meeting be it family or friends  Be it any part of my life , my childhood, my college time or my life afterwards…  Brings me back to my core .. to you Anju Kumar I watched movie 12 th fail based on civil services exam . Such a masterpiece it is showing the struggle of clearing the exam of civil services .  How tough it is to crack UPSC exam… in three stages of prelims mains and interview…  . And I am so proud to say that you (anju )cracked it in your first attempt without much guidance with great rank .. it was sheer your hardwork and self study .. but an innate intellect and confidence and will power . You could do it in a very subtle manner . Hard to believe but it’s a fact . You did it for Maa .. who used to go in SP house to bring food for her buffaloes. You saw Maa doing that hard work . I could totally connect what you had been through during whole of t